Back to Split – 24th September 2022

The majority of us hit the sack about 1.00am but there was a hard core of four and they did not appear for breakfast – wonder why. They had started to hit the yagger bombs and finished the night with whisky, so probably not that surprising.

After breakfast, we moored for our daily swim at 10.00am. It was certainly just a little early for us. The crew go to a lot of effort for our comfort by putting the swimming ramp out and all the other gear so we felt that we owed them to at least dip our toe in the water. When we jumped in, our breath was taken away by how cool it was. Hence, it was not a long swim.

Lots of warm showers required and time to start packing up as tomorrow we have to be out of our cabins by 7.30am so they can start preparing for the next load of guests.

Cruising time to Split today was four hours and got in at 1.30pm.

It was extremely busy trying to get into the port of Split. We had to hover for 40 minutes whilst we queued for fuel and then relocate over to our mooring spot for the evening.

How about this little number!!!

Once we were settled into port it was a rendezvous with our cruise guide to start the planning of the disembarkation process – always a depressing time and a reminder that your time is nigh.

We then went on a guided tour of the old walled city which we had walked extensively prior to joining the cruise.  What we found interesting and after talks with fellow passengers, it was confirmed that the Croatians do not seem to be particularly sure about their history.

Yeap, the Romans helped build forts, aqueducts and roads and there was mention of Bishops, but it seemed that generally there wasn’t a lot of other history. It might be because there was little documentation of it.

Back to the boat to then start packing up our cabin as we were all being turfed off by 9.00am the next morning.  That would then give the crew until 11.00am to tart up the boat when the next load of punters would arrive.

Eight of us got together for our last supper and made our way back to the promenade to check out a suitable eatery. It has been such a fun crew of people and hopefully some long term friendships have been made.

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