Home to London – 25th September 2022

Bugger all to write about as it was a transit day. Don’t you just hate hanging around waiting for that trip to the airport and then the interminable wait to board the flight and …… oh god….. the horrendous flight.

We were off the boat just prior to 9.00am and out on the pavement in the rain!!! The weather forecast for Croatia for the next week is abysmal and we do feel sorry for the new passengers on what was our cruise boat. We reckon Verdan who was our tour guide on the boat was dreading the upcoming week as well.

Our flight was not until 5.30pm so we had some time to kill. The youngest couple on the boat, Joe and Vicky were also on the same flight so we hung out with them for the day. It also works out that these guys live in north London in the next suburb to where we are staying – small world.

We had a two hour coffee stop followed by a short walk. We then had a two hour lunch stop followed by a short walk back to pick up our bags and meet up with our transfer to the airport.

As you are starting to realise, there was no reason to take any photos and we had done Split to death with photos by now. As we said, it was a transit day.

Our flight arrived Heathrow at 7.30pm.

It was onto the Picadilly Line terminating at Penis Budweiser (Cockfosters).

The flight took just over two hours from Split to London, yet the trip from Heathrow back to Karen and Miles place took slightly over two hours.

On the cruise, one of the passengers who will remain nameless as he knows who he is and is a reader of the blog, is real big into pole dancing – and any pole will do. Fraser felt it was just too good an opportunity to miss not to prove that he too could pole dance. Maybe his choice of poles could have been just a little more subtle.

We were absolutely buggered by the time we got in and after a nice cuppa with the guys we went headed off to bed.

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