Bonza Night, Makarska – 23rd September 2022

Three hours cruising to our swimming spot for the day in beautiful Adriatic sunshine.

It was then onto Makarska. We are no longer visiting any of the Dalmatian Islands and are back on the Croatian mainland. Makarska is 60 k’s from Split so by that you can gather that our cruise is fast approaching it’s end point.

It is a tourist city but then again tourism is what Croatian survives on today.

The entrance to the small port is very tight between two sea walls.

Once moored up, we all then headed into the town.

Today we got a spot where we were not moored along the line of about seven other spots. The captain said he pays extra money to be able to dock right alongside with no other hanger oners. We rather enjoy walking through the other foyers of the adjoining boats and checking them out.

First order of the day was to climb up to the tallest spot for a view.

Atop was the statue of St Peter guarding over the harbour.

The port is well guarded against invasion and was well known to be used by pirates.

It was then a short walk to the rather pebbly local beach. We had already been for our swim for the day and as there was no where to rinse off the salt prior to walking back to the boat, we gave it a miss. We did sit under the shade for a couple of hours with some of our new pals and have a chat.

This does look out of place, and it would not be worth going on as the fish life we have seen is only sardines.

Back to the boat for the captain’s dinner. It has been a very harmonious group of people who have jelled together very well. The age has ranged from 35 to 83 but most of the people are in their early 60’s. Thoroughly enjoyed the company of the younger people and there was one couple Gary and Bridgit who cracked us up totally. They have made the huge blunder of asking up to catch them up in Cornwall at some stage – you all know where that leads.

Our cruise guide Verdan is Croatian, camp as a row of tents, wicked dry drole sense of humour and a lot of fun. He was very honest with us about some of the groups he has had to deal with over the years and apart from one small hiccup for a couple, everything has gone swimmingly for him.

Our very young and handsome captain joined us at our table but not before we stood up and saluted him which he was suitably impressed with. That set the tone for the night with lots of dancing and great comradery and a very late night with a few sore heads to be in the morning. We even had a 70 year old pole dancer who put the younger ones to shame – whether he is going to be able to walk in the morning is another thing!!!

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