2018-19 Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand 2018-2019

The longest of all our odysseys to date, and here is hoping we make it to the end without ……….

We chose ”poorly” by opting to have three summers in a row by departing Calgary, Canada in mid October 2018 to head Downunder to Oz and NZ and return home to Calgary mid May 2019. Approximate plans are to stay in Oz until 27th March 2019 visiting friends and family and then head to the “shaky isles” (NZ) for further friend and family meet and greet.

Our adventures will include us visiting all states and territories of Australia excluding Tasmania and only the “mainland” (North Island) of New Zealand.

We will traverse the west to the east coast and almost the north to the south coast of Oz. We will be visiting an Aboriginal reserve for a week and hope to bring to you often unseen images of this area; magnificent white beach scene of northern Western Australia (with nasties hidden beneath the water line); remote Perth; greetings from friends that go back to the early 1980’s and still prepared to admit that they know us; Kalgoorlie where it all began for Fraser; flat and hot Adelaide; road trip along the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne; Christmas and New Year in Melbourne with friends and family; house sitting Henry the cat in St Kilda; eight week road trip as far north as Brisbane and back again to ?? Adelaide or Melbourne; short hop over the pond to Wellington, NZ; specky train trip north to Tauranga to family and friends with a couple of weeks helping out with fish spotting – will explain later.

All going well we will depart NZ in mid April and make our way to San Francisco on one of those floating palaces called a cruise ship arriving early May. Should plans for a cheap cabin not materialize we will just jump on a big bird and fly back to Canada around about the same time.

Follow along with our blogs from October 16, 2018 to May 09 2019 or there abouts.