2022 – Melbourne-Scotland-England-Croatia

To follow our Travels look for blogs from April 2022 to Sept 2022

At last it looks like travel is possible, so we are off again.

This year’s travels will be to the following places.

Key Dates

  • Melbourne – 4th April to 5th May
  • Home in Calgary – 5th May to 17th May
  • Scotland Canals – 21st May to 4th June
  • England Canals – 4th June to 3rd Sept
  • London – 3rd Sept to 13th Sept
  • Croatia – 13th Sept to 25th Sept
  • London – 25th to 29th Sept

Not a lot of blogging will go on whilst we are in Melbourne as it will mostly be family stuff. As soon as we get to the UK on the 18th May it will all be on again.

Just a light summary of what this years blogs/vlogs are about. Melbourne will involve seeing family members and friends whom we have not seen for almost three years. It will involve a lot of eating and a little travelling around the area.

Our trip to Scotland and the UK will once again involve canals. We will initially meet our good friends Wolfgang and Marlene around Manchester and then after a few days will head up to Falkirk in Scotland. This is where the four of us have hired a canal boat for two weeks and will do the Union Canal and Forth and Clyde Canal which runs from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Totally new terrain for us all.

On completion, we return down near Manchester and pick up Wolfgang and Marlene’s narrowboat Ange De L’Eau which we will then have until the 3rd September. They will return to Germany for the summer. Our goal is to cruise the Rochedale Canal which goes over the Pennine Hills. We have been through the Standedge Tunnel back in 2016 which took us under the Pennines and at the same time we did the Leeds to Liverpool Canal which took us around the Pennines. For the trifecta, we are going over the Pennines via the Rochedale. We have been warned by many that this is not an easy task but we just need to touch that fence post.

This will be our last extended period on the UK canals and it is a farewell tour for us. Some ground we will have covered before and there are a few new areas for us to discover. We won’t have completed the entire UK canal system but enough to satisfy us. There are a few plans afoot on this final trip but we are not going to spoil the surprises.

We will wind up in London and spend ten days there with good friends, who are going to show us the London that the tourist does not see. Lots of surprises to come out of this.

It is then off to Croatia for ten days where we will visit one of their most famous National Parks and do a seven day small boat cruise on the Adriatic Sea – this is providing all goes well in Europe.

We hope you enjoy our observations, humour, interpretations.

For those of you enquiring about Toques whereabouts. She will remain in Calgary for the month of April. She will be in the apartment and looked after by Joannie and Simone who will be travelling from Montreal for this purpose plus some work obligations here. They will then take her back to Montreal where she will have the full French immersion experience and improve on her Le Woof. She will be treated like a Queen whereas here she just gets the princess level of care. We will return from London to Calgary via Montreal and hopefully try to secure her ownership provided Joannie and Simone have not kidnapped her.