Mljet – 22th September 2022

The days have a very distinctive pattern. We drag ourselves out of bed (has been getting later every morning) and make our way up for breakfast which we take an hour over. That starts at 8.00am.

By now the boat is cruising off to our next swim location where they set it all up for us in a sheltered bay. Until we get to our swim spot, we scatter ourselves around the two decks or front sun lounge to catch up on mail or read a book. Just imagine a bunch of lizards sunning themselves on rocks, well that is us.

After the swim, it is down for a shower in time to pop up our heads for lunch that goes from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. Forgot to mention there that they also have a morning tea all set up for us if one wanted to partake in it – and one/two does.

By the time we have finished lunch at 2.00pm it is time to gather ourselves and head out to the next village which the boat has moored off shore from. At each stop you usually just wander around or sometimes there is an organised guide or another excursion.

At today’s location of Mljet which is the southermost and eastenrmost of the larger Adriatic Islands, we had a walk and bike ride organised. The northwestern part of the island includes an inland lake as well as a small island within it. It has been a national park since November 12, 1960.

We walked to where the small lake joined the larger lake where we hired bikes and rode around the large lake. On the way we flagged down a small boat to take us to the Island of St Catherine’s.

This is where 11 of us tested the plimsoll line of a dingy that should not of had that many people in it. It was all giggles and fun though.

Di surveying the boat prior to returning to the bike track just after the new driver told us that the boat could take 16 people – OH&S not a big priority. On the bike ride there were no helmets even on offer.

Prior to heading out for this day of adventure, our ship guide informed us that there is no access to medical care should anything happen and to be careful. Anyway, the day was a hoot.

Once back from our bike ride, we then went to a “Croatian water theme park”. Originally the small lake was more a marsh and was fresh water and not connected to the large lake. The large lake was tidal and filled with sea water due to a small inlet to the ocean. The small lake started to get infested with mosquitoes and malaria became a problem so they built a 30-meter channel between the two lakes which solved the problem and gave us a lot of entertainment.

As we sat on the back of the boat enjoying the setting sun, we worked out that we had done a triathlon today. An 8k bike ride, probably 200m swim and 3k walk. We all thought that deserved another helping of pudding.

This time next week, it will all be over for us and we will be winging our way to Canada. Big plus is that we will arrive in Montreal to be met by Joannie and Simon and of course, the Toque Monster.

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