Dubrovnik – 21st September 2022

Very, very windy day with lots of whitecaps. We had five hours of cruising today to reach our destination of Dubrovnik by 2.00pm. This meant that there was not enough time to drop off for a swim which was OK by everyone as it was just too choppy.

We caught the local bus into town with Verdan who is our cruise guide and then got handed over to the town tour guide.

The place was just heaving with people. There was a film crew in making a series of The Viking; a 550 delegation from Fusion Technology (that sounds scary) doing tours; plus a behometh German cruise ship in port. It could have been worse as they do allow two cruise ships in a day. They use to get up to seven but a few years ago they reduced it to two as the old town was not coping.

We had been to Dubrovnik with our friends Patti and Pete back about 2015 – we think. We do remember it being very busy back then.

In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in recognition of its outstanding medieval architecture and fortified old town. Having said that, it didn’t stop the Serbs bombing the shit out of in during the 1990’s Yugoslav war.

The history of the city probably dates back to the 7th century but it wasn’t until the 1990’s war that the city was ever physically damaged – doesn’t say much for modern humanity.

We then paid the exorbitant amount of $45CDN to climb up on the wall and walk around it.

If we thought this was bad, we were starting to feel sorry for tourists after the 1st January 2023 as Croatia will adopt the Euro and they predict huge price rises.

You certainly got a great 360 view of the old town and it took us just over an hour to walk around it but that was because we spent a lot of time stopping to admire the view.

Tonight, whilst out foraging for dinner, which was not difficult because there was so much choice, we teamed up with some of the other guests. The young couple on the left are Londoners from the suburb of Enfield which is the suburb next door to where we have been staying in London.

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