Change in Plans – 20th September 2022

For some dumb reason Di was up and on the back deck doing the blog for yesterday at 6.30am which was the time we headed out of Hvar harbour.

Another beautiful day in paradise.

Not sure why, but our itinerary has changed Tuesday port to Thursday and vice versa. No biggie as we have no idea where we are going except that we know the cruise is Split to Dubrovnik return.

It was just a little choppy in the morning and we were experiencing some splashing on the windows.

Whilst we were cruising to our swimming spot for the day, we popped up to see George the captain to see if he would explain some of the workings of this almighty boat.  George not only is the captain, but he and his dad own this boat plus another one that they contract out to Sail Croatia which is who we booked the trip through.

George had her on auto pilot and spent half an hour showing us how she worked and answering all our questions. We showed him on the ipad photos of Ange De L’Eau and he was suitably impressed especially as we only had a rudder to control her. He said that Olimp was worth 10 million euro – small change!

Everything is laid on for us and they take into consideration the limitations that older people have which includes getting on and off the boat for a swim. We pulled up in a perfect swimming spot and in fact it was warmer than it was yesterday.

Our stop today was at the island of Korcula. The town was also called Korcula.

We have been very fortunate with the temperatures staying in the low 20’s which makes for perfect travelling weather. We spent an hour or so wandering around the old town of Korcula soaking up the history of the place.

We stopped off for a drink before heading back to the boat for a rest before we head out for a walking tour of the town.

As you can gather, we are doing it damn tough.

It is just so spotless that it really stands out. We would certainly recommend doing Croatia. You don’t have to do a cruise like us, but you can just island hope with the local ferries. There is a myriad of accommodation to choose from. It used to be known as being cheap, but those days are fast disappearing.

We were number four in the lineup of seven tonight. Would not want to negotiate between the boats if you were a bit worse for wear.

When we get back to Calgary, we are going to rattle Pete and Patti’s (our cruising buddies) cage to do some more exploring of the Med and in smaller ships which really are not that badly priced. Beware guys – you are in our headlights!!! As to Karen, she already knows that Di has committed her to more adventures.

2 thoughts on “Change in Plans – 20th September 2022

  1. We did the same tour with the same people, Sail Croatia. Only the smaller boat. 40 people total. It was excellent. And not very expensive. It’s nice to see all the familiar sites.


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