Hvar – 19th September 2022

First order of the day was a scrumptious breakfast with all the trimmings. This was followed up by a very short cruise of two hours to then drop anchor just outside the port of Hvar.

There was to be no room for us in the port of Hvar until the last commercial ferry left at

7.00pm. Therefore, our good captain found a perfectly adquate spot to set up the ship for

us to be able to spend most of the day enjoying the waters of the Adriatic. As you can see,

no expense has been spared for our comforts even when having a swim.

At 3.00pm a water taxi took us into the port to enjoy the rest of the day there, until the boat joined us at 7.00pm.

As you can see, another beautiful day of weather and perfect temperature to climb up the hill to the castle.

Hvar town is the largest settlement on the island of Hvar. It is a huge tourist mecca and being close to Split attracts a lot of people. This is evidenced in the number of restaurants and tiki tourist shops.

On the island of Hvar there is a large lavender industry where 8% of the world’s lavender is grown and boy does it smell like it. Anywhere you walk, your olfactory sense gets assaulted by the very strong smell of lavender incense.

The town of Hvar is first and foremost a maritime port. Its location at the center of shipping routes in the Adriatic – both east–west and north–south – make it an ideal base for operations. 

We had from 3.00pm until 6.30am to explore the town which was ample time as there is only a population of 4,500 people so it is not that large.

We should have taken some more photos of all the private and rental boats that were in port for the evening as they were just unreal. We couldn’t even estimate out much money was tied up in them but let us just say that it was a scary amount.

So, the Olimp was number six in the line up and after this photo was taken there were nine cruisers in total. It feels like the cruiser market is oversaturated, but we will see as we go further down the coast as to how busy it is.

We had a lovely dinner out at a restaurant before retiring at 9.00pm. We feel like we are on Ange De L’Eau again as we are very tired early in the evening by being outside all the time in the fresh air. It is a very nice kind of tiredness to have.

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