Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia – 29th April 2019

Our last port of call and our last piece of terra firma until we get to San Francisco, is the island of Nuku Hiva. Nuku Hiva is in the chain of the Marguesas Islandsbut is still within French Polynesia. They have three distinct areas in French Polynesia where the islands are grouped into the Society Islands, Tuomotu Islands and lastly the Marguesas Islands. Not sure how many islands are in these three groups but let’s just say a shit load.

Nuku Hiva does not have an atoll around it so therefore there is no lagoon with that beautiful shallow coloured water which is just beckoning you to swim in. The island appeared very brown but we think we are on the rain shadow side of the island. They are very keen outrigger canoeists and they hang around the bays waiting for boats to leave and then surf on their wakes.

You certainly feel that Nuku Hiva is not as well set up or as wealthy as the other French Polynesian Islands. There was only one shore excursion on the island and that involved using the locals cars which was very quaint. Looking at this statue you can certainly see an Easter Island influence in the carving.

Fras went for a walk over a large hill as he is prone to do whilst Di went looking for Wi-Fi to check emails and try to keep the blog going. Fraser was successful though Di only had a limited positive return on her endeavours.

The reward for Fraser on the other side was a beach with black sand which, as you can imagine, was a disappointment after our previous beach stops.

We rendezvoused back at the Wi-Fi shack and then made our way back to the ship to clean up and get ready for another evening of entertainment. We have been going to the main dining room for most of our meals as we feel you are less likely to overeat than at the pigs trough on level 11. Having said that, we did have a salad on level 11 and then headed off for a show which featured a ventriloquist. He was excellent. He used a tennis ball with two stick on eyes and cut along the line for a mouth and could he make this thing feel human. He got amazing emotions out of it and not to mention a heap of laughs.

We finished off the evening with a walk around the promenade deck. We are now out to sea for the next seven days. There were no stars in the sky or moon so guess it must have been overcast which created this ink black surrounding – it made you feel very isolated which we guess we are.

Our friend tonight is a caterpillar – 19/19.

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