First Day of Deven Sea Days in a Row – 30th April 2019

Yeap, you read it right. We are now spending the next seven days cruising at 17kts, 24/7 to make San Francisco by 7.00am on the 7th May. The ship appeared very quiet today as a lot of people are trying to get over the six ports of call we had in a row. The average age on board is easily 70, so you can imagine there a lot of tired oldies.

We spent the day going to a few lectures, doing the washing, walking around the promenade 12 times (equates to three miles) and catching up on a few bits and pieces. We are hoping that the ship is going to put on lots of activities for us as we are going to get bored very quickly and mutiny could be on the cards.

Minnie Mouse – 20/20.

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