At Sea 28th April

Today is a taster of what is to come up. We have one more island to do tomorrow and then it is seven straight Sea days to San Francisco. One hopes they will have lots of entertainment happening otherwise they just might have a mutiny on their hands.

They have had some brilliant speakers on the ship covering biology, anthropology of the region and cultural ambassadors from each of the islands. The biologist from the US is a hoot. She described and showed us on a video how a sea cucumber works – OMG – we will never look at a sea cucumber the same way again – what a sad life it has!! They have been changing out the entertainers on a regular basis but not sure of their thought processes as they seem to keep the duds but put off the talented ones.

We approached the cruise director and asked if Holland America would be interested in a presentation of the English Canal System and its history, so they have asked us to put forward a proposal which they will forward onto head office in Seattle. Maybe they were just being pleasant but see what happens. It is a topic we are passionate about but not something that would enthrall a lot of people.

We were kept pretty busy today with lectures, chatting to people and exercise. Fras has joined a boot camp of body toning in the gym and he has been going consistently. There is now a core group of six of them and woe be tide if one of them doesn’t turn up. They now have to move it from 5.00pm to 7.00am during the sea days so not sure how many of them will hang on. Having said that, Fras has been leaping out of bed and heading out there. Di has been doing some biking in the gym and walking the promenade deck at a fair clip. She is adding an extra lap every day. Neither of us have used the elevator since getting on the ship and our cabin is in the arse end at the back so we have to walk flights of steps no matter where we go. The biggest climb is eight stories of which were can each do without stopping – that’s not to say we are not gasping for breath by the time we get to the top.

If you are reading this, it means we managed to get Wi-Fi on the island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia which is a huge bonus. This is our last land stop. If you are reading this after the 29th April, we didn’t get Wi-Fi and you are reading it from us posting it in San Francisco whilst we wait for nine hours for our flight back to Calgary.

Mr Nelephant- 18/18.

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