Crossing the Equator – Sea Day 2 – 1st May 2019

So we are heading directly north now towards San Francisco and crossed the Equator at 2.00am. Crossing the Equator on a Holland America ship, requires the Neptune Ceremony take place. This is when they get all those crew who have never crossed the Equator before, are subjected to this ritual.







Firstly, they are required to kiss the fish and believe us, it was a real fish.

Secondly, they are covered in coloured foam and sprayed with a revolting mixture of smelly liquid. They are then to kneel in front of the four most senior officers who decide if they should be dunked or not.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who gets dunked and who doesn’t. In the end, they all ended up in the drink anyway.

It certainly drew quite a crowd. As you cross the Equator, the sea becomes very calm. This is known as the doldrums and hopefully this might last a few days.

We spent the day going from one educational talk to another to fill in the hours. When not doing that, we are walking the promenade deck and at present we are up to 14 laps which is 3 ½ miles. There is always one of the jigsaws to get involved in or the gym. We have learnt to avoid the buffet and eat our meals in the main dining room as that way you do not over eat.

Tonight, we found this fellow on our bed and it has caused some head scratching. We are tempted to say a cow but it is a dog – 21/21.

2 thoughts on “Crossing the Equator – Sea Day 2 – 1st May 2019

  1. Great adventures guys. Woo hoo.
    BTW. The first animal we reckon is a pig. Just saying!
    We are on a gardening blitz in Busselton getting rid of pesky cooch grass.
    Not exciting but beautiful weather here.
    Glad to hear Toque is getting back to her old self.
    PS I bruised a rib turning over in bed as I landed on my arm. It’s bloody painful. !!! As you know.


    1. Hi guys,yeah, some of those towel animals were a bit LGBTQ. Loved the cruise but not the hangover health issues from it. Fras is struggling with the fact that each day is not showing any improvement and me because of the absolute exhaustion considering we have so must stuff to do and organise before we head off. Toque has settled well and velcroed herself back to us. Yet to tell her she is off to England again but once she sees the travel cage come out, she will get the hint. I found the rib thing only lasted about three weeks of the hard pain with flashes for a while, but otherwise am well over it. Any plans for travel this year???


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