Unexpected Turn in the Day – 11th April 2019

Today was meant to be one of relaxation as tomorrow we head on up to Auckland. The day certainly started out like that but then went downhill rather quickly.

It all started with the umbrella being opened up inside the shopping centre. Let’s rewind here and set the picture for you. We had decided to go out and do a few chores and then head down to the new shopping centre as we were looking for some coloured marbles. Do you know how hard it is to find marbles in this day and age. Well, after cruising the aisles of a few shops we managed to track some down.

Not sure which one of us decided to open up the umbrella inside the mall but whoever it was, set off a chain of events. There were gasps as it opened and superstition gobbledygook carry on and then promptly forgotten.

As we queued for our coffee, Dex was approached by an elderly gentleman who it turns out was a very good friend of his father and Dex and Paula both knew him.

So we all got to meet Malcolm and invited him to join us for a coffee as he seemed rather lonely. Dex hadn’t seen him for over ten years so he invited Malcolm to come around for dinner tonight. Malcolm lives in a retirement village and as he had come by the retirement home bus to the shopping complex he needed to let them know he would not be returning on it, which he did.

As we get up to go to the car after our coffee, Di dropped the packet of 30 marbles on the floor and the bag split open sending them every which way. As we all scrambled to get them, Malcolm bent down to pick up a couple of the marbles and his knees gave way on him causing him to knock his head on a very sharp shelf. Oh dear!!! He did not lose consciousness which was a plus but he is on blood thinners so it was a scramble to find cloths to stop the bleeding from his head.

To cut to the chase now. We all took Malcolm to the ER department where he was assessed and a CT of the head done. Luckily for him there was no internal damage and his noggin didn’t require any stitches. This process took from 2.30pm until 7.30pm – ugh!!!

Di did her RN training at Tauranga Hospital and lived there for four years. To her it seemed like any emergency department and apart from the outside of the buildings she didn’t recognize anything else.

Paula and Di took Malcolm back to his retirement home and organised for someone to keep an eye on him overnight. As we were saying farewell, a rather nosy neighbour pushed her way into his apartment and wanted all the details and more. Malcolm wanted to know how she found out about the accident and she said in a very controlling way “I know and I’m not telling you”. You could cut the air with a knife and we think Malcolm was going to deck her. She was not a nice person.

As we all know, there are more females than males and especially as you get into the later years it gets more like one male to every ten females. Therefore, Malcolm being about the sole, available male around he was quite the trophy for the hunters to get. It felt like he was being circled by sharks just waiting to get their pound of flesh and his nosy neighbour had the sharpest set of teeth!!! We certainly felt bad for Malcolm. We decided that none of us are going into a nursing home. Instead, we will just save up our water pills and then wee ourselves to death!!!!

So that was enough excitement for the day. Finished off with a few games of cards where the girls will admit that the boys did beat them, this time.

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