Trip to Pauanui – 10th April 2019

Another magnificent day in Paradise. We all headed out to the airport at the Mount and took off at about 10.30am heading north towards Pauanui.

You can just see the Mount in the top of this picture and the rather large container storage yard at the port.

Great view of the Mount again with a ship coming in through the very narrow passage which often has to get dredged.

The flight only took us approximately one hour and we hugged the coast but just off shore as it was a lot less bumpy. It made us realize just how close every town is to one another but due to New Zealand’s very hilly topography, it takes a lot longer to get anywhere.

We flew over the town of Waihi where there is a dirty big open cut gold mine. Waihi Gold operates the Martha open pit and Correnso underground gold mines in Waihi New Zealand and is actively exploring in the region.

Pretty nifty sitting up in the front of the plane and especially so when you come into land. This is the Pauanui grass landing strip that has water either end of the air strip. Not a good idea to land short or over extend on this runway.

Have a close look at the homes in this photo. These homes not only have garages out the front of them but their homes also have hangars underneath them. There are easily a dozen of these homes lining the runway. As we landed a golfer was dragging his buggy across the runway to the golf course which was on the other side of the strip. Now, you would have to say that that is unique. Down in Gisborne in New Zealand, they actually have trains that run across the runway.

We found a place to have a nice lunch with good old New Zealand meat pies for all. We wandered around the town for a while and saw the canal developments with the multi million dollar homes which appeared to be all closed up for the winter.

It was then time to return to Tauranga.

Di was fortunate enough to have the front seat as Fraser was keen to hide in the back seat as he is not the best of flyers. Paula also hid in the back seat as she also does not like flying so Dex and Di had a great time pointing out land marks and taking in the gorgeous coast line.

The afternoon was spent relaxing and preparing for dinner as a good pilot friend of Paula and Dex is coming over for dinner.

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