Auckland Bound – 12th April 2019

Following on from yesterday, we called Malcolm this morning to see how he was. He was very perky indeed and Paula said she would catch up with him on her return from Auckland. So all that was good news.

We are all heading up to Auckland now as we will be spending the next two nights up there meeting family we didn’t know existed and reacquaint with some friends. Kasey unfortunately cannot join us so she had to be taken around to a friend of Paula’s for the duration. After we packed up the car and headed out we realized that Kasey’s lead and collar had not been taken with her so we dropped off on the way. She saw Dex and then just started crying which pulled at the heart strings. Poor little bugger. New Zealand to us does not appear to be dog friendly at all.

Great drive up through the winding roads and lush countryside which is green as green. There are no real motorways in New Zealand and the topography does not lend itself to building straight roads. The only way around it is to build tunnels, we think. You realize just how young New Zealand is geographically speaking as the hills look like they have just been pulled up. You get a better idea what we are talking about if you have just arrived from Australia as that is at the other end of the scale.

We checked into our hotel which is nearby warf end of Queen Street where our ship should pull in tomorrow. After a quick top and tail it was off out the door to head north west of Auckland to our cousin Louise and her family. The entire family were gathering at her place to meet their new cozzie bros. All in all there were 11 adults and 6 kids and it was good that Louise had a huge sprawling home on 10 acres. Her husband Mike is an entrepreneur and has about 20 fingers in different pies. Everything from running game fishing boats in Fiji to bottling water out of his own aqua fur.

It was an excellent night that didn’t finish until 1.00am and with lots of promises to keep in contact and continue forward.

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