Fun Day at the Office with BIL – 9th April 2019

The plans today involved the girls going one way and the boys going the other. The boys got the better deal as they went off for a tour in BIL’s plane.

BIL has almost 30 years of experience so Fras felt very comfortable and safe as he has had an experience in a small plane in the past that has made him a little Leary. They left from Mt Mauganui airport at around 8.00am towards the west coast and then headed north.

They had the most perfect weather with very little wind an minimal cloud.

This photo is of the northern most point of the North Island at Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is more than 100 km north of the nearest small town of Kaitaia. State Highway 1 extends all the way to the cape, but until 2010 was unsealed gravel road for the last 19 km.Suitable vehicles can also travel much of the way via Ninety Mile Beach and Kauaeparaoa stream bed.

They came down the east coast and over the top of the Bay of Island which is a spectacular vista of many small islands.

They sat around 1500 feet most of the way and twice they had to land – one was a toilet stop and the other a lunch stop. Fras said it was just like a road trip where stops are necessary for refueling, food or a wee.

It is quite different seeing the New Zealand countryside via the air as opposed to driving. New Zealand truly is a gorgeous country.

Lots of different fruit are grown in NZ because of its temperate climate.

Fras was very nervous about even touching the “steering wheel” but he just had to have the photo of a life time.

As to Di and Paula, well they did a bit of shopping – ho hum.

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