Mucking Around – 3rd April 2019

Another morning swim – this is become not a habit and a good one at that. It was cooler this morning, and the dash from the change room to the pool is the biggest challenge of the whole exercise. Had a coffee with Paula’s aqua size class and then did some girlie nail stuff.

Fras went and picked up Dex from the hospital and they both went off for haircuts and no doubt tortured the hair dresser as much as they did the nurses at the hospital.

We rendezvoused back at the house in the afternoon and set up the van ready for us to take it up to the Coromandel Peninsula. We will be meeting up with Wilma in Waihi tomorrow to spend three nights touring around. The bed was set up along with all the cooking gear, water washing supplies, toilet and supplies.

We had Hannah from next door over for dinner. She is 14 years old and often comes over for a bit of company as she is an only child and her mum has to work long hours. We got her into our card game of golf and the little bugger showed us all up!!!!

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