Day of Exercise – 2nd April 2019

Oh god, we were out of bed by 7.00am and in the outside swimming pool by 08.15am – nearly killed us. Paula does aqua jogging every morning and has done so for over 13 years which we certainly take our hat off to. It was our duty to put on the cozzies and go down with her. Dex and Kasey joined us for the ride down to the pool and then they walked back to the house.

We are both so pleased we did it as felt heaps better afterwards and though slightly difficult getting in due to the coolness, once you moved around you were fine. Back to the house to then get Dex and take him down to the hospital as he needed some minor surgery. When checking in the staff were confused to who was the patient between him and Fraser. Here was Di’s opportunity to have a Fraser free day.

Off down to do some grocery shopping, back home for lunch and then we got on Paula and Dex’s e-bikes and went for a very easy 24k bike ride back down into the city. Gotta love these e-bikes!!!! We dropped off at the old Heritage Village for a coffee before heading back home.

We dropped up to the hospital to see how Dex was doing after his surgery and he was pretty much totally gaga. Decided to leave him to enjoy his morphine rush and head home with a quiet night playing cards and trying to work out the family tree – ugh!!!

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