Back in Melbourne – 20th March 2019

We are coming to the end of our time here in Australia now with one week left to go. We are spending the first four days with Belinda as mentioned in yesterday’s blog and the remainder of the time with Frasers mum. We have a few loose ends to tie up this week of which most of it is having last visits with family and friends.

First task was domestic related in doing the never ending washing. We hung around the house as Fraser had organised for an immobiliser unit be attached to Suzy Suzuki on behalf of his father.

It was then off into the city to deliver to Henty House the boxes of papers we had picked up in Canberra. Once that task was completed along with having a lovely lunch provided by Barb we headed back to Heidelburg as we had a date to look after Alex until Belinda returned home from work.

Luck had it that he survived and we survived for the half hour duration. Great roast for dinner sitting out on the porch still and without having to wear a fleece or Toque. We spent the remainder of the evening teaching William and Belinda how to play the card game of golf and getting licked!!!!

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