Hume Highway – 19th March 2019

Got up, packed up and drove over to a suburb called Belconnen where Frasers father has had a u-stow-it for over 40 years. Not sure how the economics of having a storage shed for 40 years adds up unless you have bars of gold stashed there. We had to pick up some boxes and take back with us to Melbourne for him.

Back on the Hume Highway by 10.00am to what is a boring drive of over 650k’s. Suzy Suzuki very much warmed up to the highway conditions and before we knew it she was comfortably roaring along at 100kph and a few times at 110 when we actually overtook a truck for a change.

Since we last came this way two months ago but in the opposite direction, the dry conditions have not changed. All along the coastal regions of the east coast where we went, it was lush and green. You only have to go inland for an hour and it is parched dry. Some areas there was no ground cover but just dirt. We found it a little disconcerting as the leaves on the trees are changing already.

When we got to Belinda’s place she was saying they had had a cold snap where the temperature had dipped down to +12c overnight the week before – not sure if she noticed our bemused faces.

We used a spare moment last night to pop over and have a look at her townhouse that we had helped clean. It has now been fully painted and looks fresh, crisp and clean. She has new wood floors going in next week and hopefully will have it on the market by early April.

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