Canberra Bound – 18th March 2019

Travel day from Sydney to Canberra. We decided to break the trip back to Melbourne over two days as with Suzy Suzuki’s top comfortable speed of 90kph, it does take a lot longer. We saw Sue off for the day and promised her our next visit would not be so far away as before. Hopefully we planted the seed for them to come and pay us a visit. Darryl had already left as he had an early morning appointment so we had said goodbye to him the night before.

We tidied up our bedroom which was so comfortable during our stay. We did mention to the guys that they shouldn’t make their guests so comfortable as the buggers like us would stay too long. As we walked out the door we gave Tiffany her treat and it appeared us saying goodbye to her was secondary to her focus on her treat.

We opted not to take the toll roads out of Sydney as they can really add up, so good old google took us every back road through some rather suss neighbourhoods. The trip to Canberra should take about 3 hours but for us it took 5 hours. We did stop for a short time at a lovely little town called Berrima. The new Hume Highway now bypasses all the little country towns which hold so much charm.

For our first wedding anniversary we stayed just out of Berrima for a weekend but we did buy our vintage phone from an antique shop there. We tried looking for the shop but neither of us could place it. No one wants antiques anymore so many of these shops have closed down. It is now all about IKEA and disposable furniture.

We discovered a great Café patisserie for lunch and indulged in a good old Aussie pie. We couldn’t help ourselves but also bought a Citrus Tart which had won the 2010 Sydney Easter Show Tart Competition. For those not in the know, this is quite an accomplishment. We like to take something to anyone’s place we stay at so this is just perfect. Maybe not for our waistlines though.

Di discovered that she could hotspot her iPhone to the Di pad and providing the signal hung in she could watch Coronation Street and catch up on some episodes that she is behind with. We got a huge amount of data on our phones, so what better way to use it.

We got to Mark and Liv’s about 4.00pm and let ourselves into the house without letting Harley or Vespa the cats escape out the front door. Set ourselves up in our room and then made ourselves comfortable with a cup of tea. Fras went for a walk up Red Hill for an hour to blow out the cobwebs.

We were not on our own very long before the guys arrived home and our evening started. Near sunset we did go for a walk out their back gate and right onto the golf course. Every night and early morning these guys cluster around to feed. They don’t eat the fairways or the putting greens but the longer grass along the sides. We reckon there must be over a hundred that accumulate here twice a day. We saw a few joeys and even one with legs sticking out from the pouche. Sometimes you will see a large joey crawl inside and you just wonder how something that big can fit in such a small space. There were also lots of different species of birds flying around and squawking and generally making their presence felt. It was a very quintessential Australian fauna scene.

It was a lovely evening chatting with Liv, Mark and Oscar their son over a great dinner and a tart citron tart!!

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