Hogwarts – 17th March 2019

What we thought would be a relaxing day turned rather busy. Started with a relaxed breakfast with Sue and Darryl.

Following that, we went upstairs to fold and reorganize Sue’s linen cupboard. She had been impressed with our OCD when it comes to folding clothes from off the line after our previous visit last month. So, she thought it would be good to utilize our skills. Result achieved.

Next item on the agenda was to go and visit Fraser’s nephew Alistair at the University of Sydney. From the moment we opened our eyes this morning, the rain just pelted down. Driving into the city we came across fender bender accidents; localized flooding with the roads awash with running water; rain pelting down and gutters overflowing. Reminded us of the day we got married on Sydney Harbour – the weather man said the forecast for our big day was soggy and unfortunately for once he got it right!!

Alistair resides on campus at St Paul’s College. The College was founded in 1856 and is Australia’s oldest university college. St Paul’s is familiarly referred to as “Paul’s”, its residents as “Paulines” and its alumni as “Old Paulines”. It is an only male bastion and has a reputation for promoting misogyny which they are trying to divorce themselves from and move forward into the modern world.

The grand entrance started reminding us of Hogwarts and then we got into the main dining area where we were blown away by the similarity.

We had lunch in the hall but as it was the weekend it was all very informal. Alistair informed us that breakfast and lunch are very casual affairs but every evening they must get dressed in their suit and ties and wear their academic gown for a three course meal.

We got Alistair to dress up in his gown and added some glasses to make him look even more intelligent than he already is. We reckon there is a Harry Potter resemblance going on.

We spent a few good hours walking around the college as well as the University grounds and trying to sidestep all the puddles and rain drops that were being determinedly annoying.

Alistair has four years of intensive study ahead of him in the process of gaining his economics degree but he is well situated in an environment that is going to provide him with a lot of support.

We took him to meet Sue and Darryl as they have offered him OFI (Old Farts Intervention) should he ever be in the situation where he would need it. It is nice just to have back up plans in case. Was so nice that they offered this support to him but then again, they have both been students and have had their two daughters go through Uni so they know what it is all about. Their youngest daughter is a War Correspondent for Fox News based in New York so they especially would like to think that she has OFI assistance over there. We ended off a perfectly satisfactory day with dinner at the Sydney Rowing Club.

2 thoughts on “Hogwarts – 17th March 2019

    1. No problems at all. We really enjoyed it and good to be able to visualize where he will be holed up for the next four years. He has a great set up there.


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