Hawks Nest – 15th March 2019

We had another casual start to the day with a breakfast that was an enjoyable and long affair.

The boys went off fishing again whilst the girls used the opportunity to do lots of reading after walking down town for a coffee and some light shopping.

The guys came home with three more fish to add to our previous count of four and all were cooked up tonight for dinner along with salad and chips.

We spent most of the late afternoon avoiding the wind and the threat of rain by rotating from the camping grounds kitchen to the caravan.

The evening was spent playing more card games. We now a few more new card games to add to our repertoire. The last two days have not been overly busy which for us has been a bonus as we were in need for a bit of a rest before we do the last push for the trip around Oz. The weather wasn’t overly conducive to doing much but that was fine for us.

Our sleep was interrupted at 3.00am by some rather unsavoury people who decided it was a good idea to air their dirty domestic laundry for all to hear. The boys snored their way through the whole occurrence whilst the girls tried to bury their heads under their pillows. It went on for about thirty minutes and disturbed what up till then had been restful.

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