Day of R&R – 14th March 2019

It was very windy last night and continued right through the day today with gusts up to 45k which meant everything had to be securely tied down.

Pete started the day by getting up at the ungodly hour of 6.30am to go and chase the fish. The rest of us decided he could do it on his own. He returned at 10.00am with four fish. One brim and two Dart – they weren’t sizeable but enough for us all to get a feed tomorrow evening out of it.

After a slow languishing breakfast we then went onto morning tea – as you do. That was complimented with a home made ginger cake. It was felt that we needed to get some calories burnt off so Pete went for a shower and then z catchup whilst Carol went for a walk around the small town of Hawks Nest. We went for a bike ride over to the ther camp ground which was very empty but very sheltered out of the wind. The water was smooth as.

We biked around for about an hour and Di returned to the caravan whilst Fras decided to head over to another little town called Tea Gardens. Di was very much over having to do battle with the wind.
Pete and Fraser headed over to Jimmys Beach which was the sheltered one and threw in some surf rods and tried their best to increase the fish count. They said they spent most of the time just feeding the seaweed. The girls relaxed back at the caravan by reading books and having nana naps.

It was then a dinner of hamburgers with egg and beetroot – a real Australian burger. The evening was spent fitting in one game of cards and with the fresh sea air and activities, we retired before 9.30am. Unfortunately, the weather forecast looks even windier tomorrow 👎

During the night, the wind howled which caused the boys to get out and resecure their tent and then the rain pelted down. It was very difficult to get much sleep.

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