A Glamping We Do Go – 13th March 2019

After three days of very hot weather and blue skies we awoke to overcast weather with threatening thunderous clouds. Action plan was to do some final shopping to completely fill up the fridge with only healthy food. That task was allocated to us as Carol had other household duties that she would be a lot better at administering. Pete meantime had a course to attend to from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

We did well at the shopping, only returning with eight hot cross buns that were not on the shopping list. Our reasoning was that hot cross buns must be enjoyed with friends and as we will be on the high seas during Easter this year, it was perfectly acceptable that we would partake of them with Carol and Peter.

On Pete’s return from his course the boys got out and hooked the caravan up to the car. The caravan is 21 foot in length and sleeps two very comfortably and has an on board shower, toilet and wait for it – Di’s favourite household item – a washing machine! How cool is that. It only does a 2lb load but that is fine as you save all the heavy stuff for when you get home.

Caravan sorted, cars sorted, house sorted and Abby the 20 year old cat sorted, so it was on the road. We only had an hours drive to Hawks Nest which is just up the coast. At this stage the rain had stayed away so we were feeling very confident.

As the van sleeps only two, we took along a two room tent for the boys. The boys were allocated the tent as they don’t require a trip to the loo in the middle of the night and if they did they only have to find the closest tree. We also took Suzy Suzuki with us as when we pack up on Saturday morning, we have to come straight down to Sydney as we have some people to catch up with at a specific time.

Erection of the tent took minimal effort but the awning on the caravan was a bit of a challenge. The wind had started to pick up so it was decided the awning could wait until the next morning. As we set up the chairs and the tables with cheese, biscuits and wine, the weather turned nasty and the heavens opened. We spent the next half hour in the front room of the tent polishing off the nibbles until the weather cleared.

A walk down to the beach was in need of as we were all a little stiff from the car ride up and there is something romantic about being the only ones on the beach with brooding, sultry storm clouds with impending notions of doom circling above you. Wow, doesn’t that sound like a plethora of hyperbole. The wind was still blowing but Fraser managed a run whilst we mere mortals strolled along the beach picking up some cuttlefish shells and avoiding the poisonous blue ringed octupae that were lurking in the sands. The remainder of our evening was spent eating the best quiche ever which Carol made from home made bread for the base and egg with a good dollop of cream for the filling. A game of scrabble, card games of Gold and Rickety Kate finished off a very enjoyable day. The fresh sea air is already working its charm by making us all tired.

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