Hoon Head – 17th February 2019

Our day started off with walking down to the tennis courts to watch the kids play a game and also look around the neighbourhood where Pat and John had moved to since we last saw them.

We managed to get a photo of Pat and John with their daughter and a couple of their grandsons. One was off doing a triathlon, another cricket, another working at the local swimming pool, another being taken to start university and the list goes on. These kids are all very busy.

Bathurst is famous for the Bathurst 1000. It is a 1,000-kilometre touring car race held annually on the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst. It is currently run as a championship event for Supercars. During this period that the race is on the city doubles in population. John and Pat actually rent their home out to one of the race crews for the period and earn enough to have a holiday.

When the race is not being held which is 51 weeks of the year, the race track is a normal road two way road with speed limits etc enforced on it. We were puttering around it in Suzy Suzuki and this hooned up car raced passed us and then relapsed us. On the second time he did it on a blind corner and then floored it. How many times do you wish that a cop would be around to see this behaviour. Well, it was our day!!!! This guy got totally busted. There were many cheers going up in Suzy and as we very slowly cruised passed the perpetrator and cop, we all put our thumbs up.

We spent a couple of hours cruising around town reliving some of our old haunts. Johnathan, one of Pat and Johns grandsons told us that they now do a race around Mount Panorama on skateboards which floored us. It is hard to see but this is an extremely steep race course. They must have to use a lot of mattresses on the tight corners!!!

It was then home and a catch up with everyone and a promise from us that we won’t leave the time between our next visit so long.

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