More Catchup – 16th February 2019

One of Pat and Johns grandsons Jack, stayed over night as he wanted to go on the Park Run in the morning as his grand parents live just down the road from where they start. Fraser did a park run back in Busselton in WA with friends Jen and Al. It is five kilometres and you set you own pace. Fras decided he would be in for it again with young Jack.

Jack came in at 18 minutes and then the Silver Fox came in at 31 minutes. Not bad.

Back to Pat and John’s for quick bite and then off to meet some old Muswellbrook friends Pete and Sarah. Sarah was a Japanese teacher and Pete a physiotherapist and they met whilst living in the nurses quarters in Muswellbrook. Pete decided to impress Sarah by riding his motorbike up the stairs of the nurses quarters and inside along the hallway. He might have impressed Sarah but not the administration and was evicted. He was banished to the nursing quarters in Scone which was 30 kilometres up the road. You could imagine the drama created-in such a small town but their relationship flourished. Sarah then rented the house next to us with a couple of other teaching buddies and that is how we got to know them.

They got to know our Beagle Dazi extremely well, who given the slightest opportunity would escape next door to their place in the faintest hope she would get some food off them.

We attended their wedding in Bathurst and got to know their mum and dad. Over the years we have lost contact with them but this is what this trip is all about – reconnecting with people. They now have three sons of which one left home a week ago to study in Canberra. We met the younger two sons today who were so delightful. We spent a wonderful few hours with them catching up on the last 16 years. Alas, we forgot to get a picture of the family before we left.

Hectic Uber family day as we then headed back into town to pick up Jack from the swimming pool and head out to his mum and dads farm. His mum Linda, is Pat’s daughter and we remember Linda when she was only ten years old. This trip is making us feel old! Had a great dinner looking out over the lights of Bathurst.

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