B2 Arrives – 7th January 2019

The day started fairly slowly with us heading into Henty House and Di getting her hooves reshod – TMI. Lovely lunch with Barb and Trevor and Fras also attached the new book case for Trevor to the wall for stability. We also used the visit to add photos of Toque and Maples to the family photo montage which started at Christmas. What has started as a small family giggle on Christmas Day is going to develop into one of those great family memories. Beware Barb (B1), your wall is going to get cluttered!

We made our way home to await the arrival of B2. So who is B2? B2 goes back to late 1991 who we met in a rather used youth hostel in Orlando. We were looking for someone to share the expenses of hiring a car from Orlando to New Orleans and Barb saw our ad on the cork board in the hostel. That was social media in those days. From then on our paths have criss crossed numerous times and Barb has been introduced to many of our friends. Barb is originally from the UK but has spent the last year in Colorado and previous to that, nine years in Montreal.

B2 got her name when she visited us in Calgary for a very very cold Christmas back in 2013. We had Fraser’s mum Barbara with us also and as you can imagine, confusion reigned.

Hence B1 and B2, which references Bananas in Pyjamas. B1 and B2 will be reacquainting in a few days.

We had a dinner date with good friends Liz and Ian who were up from Canberra. Liz works at the Australian Tennis Open each year for four weeks in the role of Player Services Assistant and has met most of the great tennis players. She hasn’t got to meet Woger Wedderer yet as he tends to be rather elusive and pretty sure he has lots of personal assistants to help him out.

We went to Lygon Street in Carlton for an Italian meal in little Italy. Melbourne has the largest Greek and Italian populations outside their home countries. There was a huge migration to Australia of Greeks and Italians after the Second World War.

Way too much to eat of course. Fun night with five of us trying to squeeze into a small Toyota Corolla and Di in the back in the middle having a hot flush🤯 – not pretty.

We will be catching up with Liz a little later on and Ian has to return to Canberra early. We will also be catching up with them when we make our way north.

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