R&R – 6th January 2019

Very low key day. Spent a lot of time organizing the trip up the north coast which we commence on the 28th January. Busy contacting all our friends to fit them in on the spreadsheet and making sure we do not miss anyone. Our holiday spreadsheets have been referred to as “forced marches” and “holiday boot camps” by some of our friends who are very wary of any potential trips that they may be planning with us.

As it was a very slow day so thought we might throw in some history of the founding of Melbourne.

The first Europeans visited the site of Melbourne in 1803. A group of settlers landed at Port Phillip Bay but within a year they moved on to Tasmania.

The city of Melbourne in Australia was founded in 1835. In that year a group of Tasmanian businessmen formed the Port Phillip Association to found a settlement on Port Phillip Bay. Acting on their behalf John Batman (1801-1839) bought land from the local Indigenous Australians, the Dutigalla clan. However the indigenous people had no concept to owning or selling land and did not really understand the deal. Nevertheless Batman and others then settled on the north bank of the Yarra River.

However the governor of New South Wales Richard Bourke (1777-1855) declared that Batman’s treaty with the Indigenous Australians was invalid. Nevertheless settlers flocked to the new settlement and a town of huts and tents grew up. Eventually in 1837 Bourke was forced to accept the new colony.

Melbourne was the capital of Australia for around 26 years from 1901 to 1927 before the capital was shifted to Canberra. In 1850, during the Victorian Gold Rush, Melbourne became the richest and the largest city in the world.

After seven years of bragging about it, Melburnians have been told their city is no longer the world’s most liveable. Vienna shot up the Economist Intelligence Unit’s chart to end Melbourne’s record-breaking seven-year dominance in 2018.

The Economist compares cities using criteria like stability, education and healthcare — but there are many threads to a city’s fabric, and they can’t always be neatly categorised or scored by number.

We won’t even encroach upon the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne except to say that Melbourne was established on old money and Sydney is based more on the nouveau riche.

Fras managed to squeeze a bike ride in when it was a little cooler and went down to Albert Park where there is an excellent lake you can cycle around.

Around Albert Park is also where they have the Formula 1 Grand Prix which I’ll occur on the 17th March this year. Fras found the finish line on his bike!!

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