Toquie Fix – 5th January 2019

Being retirees we have lost the concept of what a weekend is but this morning we rehashed that lost file space and had a good sleep in. We only had one item on the agenda for today and that was to head out to Belinda and Dominques for a BBQ in northern suburb of Heidelberg. We have mentioned Belinda a number of times before as we crashed at her place on our arrival into Australia and will also be crashing with them at the end of our Melbourne stay in January.

We go back 25 years with Belinda from our Muswellbrook days and have met up with her a number of times in different locations around the globe. Last year (2017) it was in the south of France when she was staying at her in-laws chateaux. Other times it has been London, Lake Louise, Sydney, Melbourne etc etc but Belinda is now settled permanently here. She has been interwoven with many of our friends over the years and is one of the survivors of the infamous New Years Eve yacht excursion on Sydney Harbour with Paul (who will remain nameless) back in the 1990’s. There are a number of those survivors still kicking around and it must be time for a Survivors Reunion.

In fact, during January we will have Nick, Belinda, Paul, Gail, Di, Fraser, Neil here. The only person missing is Linda who is freezing herself off in Washington DC. Besides having a serious IT bent, Belinda also has an artists brain and took us and an English friend Barb around the Tate Modern in London and tried to give us some comprehension of modern art. She found it extremely taxing as we were all serious skeptics. On Wednesday this week, Barb, we and Belinda will have lunch together and might be lucky enough to have a guided tour around the Melbourne modern art gallery😄

Had a lovely BBQ with the guys but forgot to take our cozzies (togs, swimmers) for a dip in their very inviting pool. Maybe when we stay with them next we will utilise this great facility.

Joannie and Simon must have known we were having some Toque withdrawals so they sent us a couple of photos of her.

Dressed for her daily walk down the dog park.

Toque and Joannie doing it tough.

It’s a tough life!!!

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