The Day After New Years Day – 2nd January 2019

We were up at the ungodly hour of 4.55am to take Paula and Dex to the airport for their return flight to New Zealand at 8.00am. You know how you blithely say “Oh, we will take you” before thinking about it – well that was us. We will see them in NZ in April so will have a chance for some payback!

Neither of us could quite remember the drive back to Henty House in the city where Fraser’s parents live as we were that tired. We were meant to go for a swim with Fraser’s mum Barbara but all we could manage was for us to fall down in a heap and have a sleep.

We woke up at 9.00am and headed to the rather over heated indoor pool. The temperature was 31c which was fine if you were not cutting laps but for us it got warm rather quickly. We only did about ½ a k and then headed back with Barb, who had been doing some pool physio, for a yummy breakfast with her.

It was then time to head off for some food shopping and in the process of Di getting us lost and going over the Westgate Bridge which we were indeed not meant to do, we stumbled upon the South Melbourne markets. South Melbourne Market is the quintessential village Market. The home of fresh, local produce and where the community comes to shop, meet, eat, drink and play – well that is what the speal on the web says about it. We got some fruit and a few other bits and pieces but we need to go back for another visit.

Home to put out the washing and check on Henry. Neat to be able to hang washing on a line outside – for us Canadians, that is rather unique and novel. Henry belongs to the Russian Blue cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. They develop close bonds with their owners and are sought out as pets due to their personalities, beauty and coat. It is their short, dense coat which has been the hallmark of the Russian breed for more than a century. They are also considered to be hypoallergenic which is great as Fras has allergies to puddychats.

The rest of the day has been spent catching up on jobs such as booking our flight to Wellington from Melbourne on the 27th March which was dirt cheap at $234 one way. Our next job is to plan our trip up north from the 28th January which is going to take quite a bit of organization.

Elwood is super close to the beach so after dinner we took a lovely stroll along the promenade – as you do. There were kite surfers screaming along the shoreline as there was quite the breeze with white caps being generated.

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