Moving Day – 31st December 2018

This morning when packed ourselves up and moved out of the Aura Apartment where we have been since the 20th December. We filled the little Vitara to the gunnels and left it parked in the city whilst we wandered into town to catch a movie.

We went to see The Fortunates which is about the last six years of Queen Anne’s reign. She reigned from 1702 until her death in 1714. It was a good movie and would recommend it if you are into British Royalty. The other movie we saw recently that we like was Queen – never Queen fans during their hey day but now appreciate the talent of Freddy Mercury.

He then headed down to Elwood where Henry the cat lives and settled into Sam and Shelly’s apartment with Paula and Dex. They will be with us for two nights in the apartment before they return to New Zealand.

Shelly, Sam and we four walked down to the beach and sat on the grass and had fish and chips like all good Aussies do. It was then back to the flat to say farewell to Sam and Shelly who are off to Japan for three weeks. We are looking forward to their tales and photos on their return as we have not been there before and interested to learn about it.

It was very tempting to head off to bed at 10.30pm but we decided that we might never get the opportunity to witness New Years Eve fireworks in Melbourne ever again, so made the effort to walk down to the beach at Elwood and stand on a knoll looking back at the city.

They lit the fireworks off the top of 21 of the tallest buildings in the city which were splendid to watch – from a distance. We are so pleased we didn’t head into the city as it would have been a gong show trying to make our way back out. After it was over, it was a short 10 minute walk back to the apartment and huddled into bed before a cherry Happy New Year to everyone. Never thought we would ever get this boring but there you go!!

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