Back on the Bikes – 3rd January 2019

Caught up on some much needed sleep and then headed out on the bikes to ride into Henty House in the city. It was just under 10k on bike path 95% of the way. Unfortunately when we got to the city we had to tackle with the traffic on the roads for three blocks. The weather was also in our favour being relatively cool.

We didn’t do a lot at the apartment except Fras tried to resurrect his fathers old computer which had seen better days and Di crashed out for a nana nap. We made our way back to Elwood leaving the city at 6.00pm.

Along the esplanade we saw The Spirit of Tasmania coming in. The Spirit plies between Davenport on the North Coast of Tasmania and Melbourne. It is a roll on, roll off ship that takes approximately 9-11 hours to do the crossing of the Bass Strait. Like the rest of the waters surrounding Tasmania, and particularly because of its limited depth, it is notoriously rough, with many ships lost there during the 19th century.

When the Great War broke out in August 1914, the Australian Government pledged its support for Britain. A rush of volunteers enlisted for the first Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and they were moved into makeshift camps for training. Many recruits left Melbourne to fight from the Town Pier which is where the Spirit now comes in. The troop ships would leave Melbourne and head off over to Europe picking up further recruits from Adelaide and Perth adding to the Brisbane and Sydney soldiers already on board.

We made it back to the flat in Elwood in under 50 minutes so were chuffed with ourselves. Henry was keenly waiting for us to arrive home and feed him along with providing him with some company.

There are severe weather warnings out for tomorrow with highs of +42c -💩💩💩💩💩!!!

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