Ocean Reef, Perth – 22nd November 2018

Natter fest until we broke the cycle to take Remy for a walk. Poor Remy has allergies which they are trying to find out what causes them. He scratched his way around the walk and seemed quite miserable at times.

Gayle bathed him when we returned home with some special shampoo which made a huge difference. He had already had an allergy pill before we left the house but obviously these are of no great help.

More spectacular beaches along the northern suburbs of Perth.

Paul showed us how his new camper trailer popped open to create a huge living space complete with a queen bed. These trailers are a lot better than caravans as they travel high meaning they can go off road. This helps you can get away from all the grey nomads who are heading to the northern regions whilst winter is here. Very much like the snowbirds of Canada. We are told the roads up north are clogged with caravans as well as the caravan parks during the months May to September which are the winter months down under.

We headed out to drop Paul off to his grandsons T-ball practice whilst we had to go and do some necessary shopping. It is great to see a grandad so involved. He has 10, 8 and 6 old grandsons who have a 16 week old Collie called Lexy who is still at the stage of ripping everything apart.

We picked Paul up after the practice session and went off to a place called Hilary’s which is a large marina with shops, kids play activity areas and of course million dollar boats.

Paul is a volunteer with the sea rescue unit which covers the northern beaches of Perth. He took us onto one of the rescue boats to show us what he is involved with.

This is their brand new boat which has all the whiz bang rescue gear. They are called out very regularly for search and rescues, capsizing boats, missing people, mechanical failures etc.

Had a further wander around the docks before heading towards a place for a yummy seafood dinner and home so the boys could talk more mining stories.

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