Art Classes, Perth – 23rd November 2018

The decrepids didn’t get going until 11.00am but we then made up for the late start.

We went down to Gail’s studio where she does her art work.

It is this little oasis only about 5k from the centre of the city. There are four resident artists who do various types of art work.

We always knew Gail back in our Sydney days as a potter. She used to have this kiln underneath the house in the garage which would be heated up to 1000c which would turn the house into an oven but in winter would turn it into a furnace. She taught art students as well as being a full time mum with her two girls and doing her pottery.

They moved to Perth from Sydney in 1997 and since then has turned her artistic talents to painting. She says she has gone a little abstract in the last few years and has won many an awards over the years.

The studio is near a wetlands area so we took the opportunity to take Remy out for a long walk and enjoy the scenery at the same time keeping well aware of the possibility of any snakes. They are all our now after hibernating for the winter and are looking for food and to breed. Eeew, says Di, they are creepy.

We drove down to the seaside suburb of Scarborough for a coffee and then headed home as Paul wanted to take Fraser for a ride in pride and joy.

It is a 1951 Citreon which he has spent many an hour on nursing back to health.

Fras got to take it ver nervously for a spin and returned it in one piece.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to tempt Paul and Gail to join us on the English Canals for a week in July or August on a hire boat and shadow along with where we go. Gail is committed already whilst Paul is still trying to work out the mechanics of how it all functions but he might we be coming around to the idea.

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