Visiting Blogger Mates, Perth – 12th November 2018

Great news today as we finally received our replacement Aussie Visa cards. Weird thing was that we paid an additional $20 to get Fraser’s card delivered quickly to get us up and going and left Di’s to be sent regular mail. Yeap, you guessed it – both arrived in the mail today AND in the same envelope. Do we detect another Commonwealth Bank customer scam of charging for services unnecessarily.

Jen, being a school teacher has been rating the blog for grammar, spelling, content, clear communication, stories relating to pictures and sentence construction. She has given it an “A” and we are very chuffed as Jen takes no prisoners. High praise indeed!!! Now to keep the standard up – ughhh!

Today started out with an early morning brisk walk led by teacher Jen with us bringing up the rear and unable to communicate clearly as using our last breaths to keep going. It was then off to see her son Leon’s amazing business. He is only 28 and has 23 employees working for him and it still expanding. The business is about media stuff which goes way over our heads. Jen and Al’s daughter works in Los Angeles for Google in the u-tube section which once again is well above our comprehension. We’ve told Jen and Al that they should end up with a good quality nursing home should the children need to chose one for them.

Jen dropped us off at a railway station to head out to a northern suburb which should have been straightforward but we managed to cock it up a bit and arrived a little late at Tom and Jan’s place for our BBQ lunch.

We hold these two guys responsible, well probably more Tom for getting us into blogging. Di discovered Tom’s blog back in 2015 when planning was commenced for our four month stint on the UK canals back in 2016. Tom and Jan had built their own Canal boat, after many dramas, and were living on and cruising the system. Di in particular followed their blog fervently and when on the canals we connected in the town of Evesham just south of Stratford-upon-Avon where we partook of freshly baked scones with jam and cream on their boat NB Waiouru. We spent nearly three hours with them chewing over the canals and our different experiences.

Tom and Jan sold their beautiful boat 18 months ago and moved to Perth calling their full time water gypsy days over. We spent today reminiscing yet again of our experiences and love for this very unique addiction. In 2019 we are going to spend July and August looking after our BFF’s Marlene and Wolfgangs narrowboat Ange de Leau. It was not hard to miss the misting over of Jan and Tom’s eyes of times gone by. Oops, getting carried away here but once a water gypsy, always a water gypsy.

Tom has returned to fulfill another dream of driving every back road of Australia in his 4×4 towing a camper trailer. Currently he is still modifying the trailer for the very rugged conditions it will encounter. Jan has decided this particular gypsy way of life is not for her and Di is right behind her on that one. Fraser on the other hand had misting eyes. Oh well Tom, if you need a navigator, Fraser might be your man.

Made our way back to Al and Jen’s and once again stuffing up the buses this time. The recalcitrant children arrived late for dinner and had to admit to the vegoes that they had succumbed and imbibed in a meat lunch – yummy!!

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