Perth Quiet Time – 13th to 14th November 2018

Hello to all blog followers. There is not a great deal to report from the last few days as using it as an opportunity to regroup and recoup. Have been holding up at our good friends Al and Jens place whilst the poor buggers having been going to work. We have been amusing ourselves by doing domestic chores and keeping Brian the bird company.

Fraser has been very energetic going for lots of bike rides and also attended a spin class with Jen. Di, well not so energetic. Whilst in Busselton on the weekend she had an encounter with the ground from her bike. She is now nursing a broken rib(s) so is pretty much incapacitated for the moment. Broken ribs are weird. When they initially happen they are not painful but after a few days they let their presence be known – in a big way. It will take about six weeks for it to heel so Di will have to cancel her bungee jumping and skydiving activities for now.

Blogging will continue at a healthy pace with just a lot less “we’s” and more Frasers! 🤪


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