Perth to Australind and Margaret River – 3rd & 4th November 2018

We left Perth with Gayle on Saturday morning and drove two hours south to Australind where they have a beach house. There is no internet at the beach house so blogging will be sporadic up until Wednesday. Stocked up the cupboards after shopping at the coolest Farmers Market store ever. They had it all set up like IKEA where there was only one way. The food available was extremely varied, pricey but fresh and tasty. Only problem with that set up was that if you forgot to get something you had to swim backstream against the salmon.

Darren arrived a little later in the day due to smooshing office stuff and he and Fras then went off fishing. As keen as Di was to go it was too windy for her and there will be other opportunities in the next couple of days. We had a great meal out on the porch looking at the view whilst turning the lamb chops and chicken skewers over the hot coals.

Sunday saw a leisurely breakfast before Gayle and Darren headed back to Perth to assist family members for the day. They left us with Darren’s Nissan 370Z with less than 2000k on the clock. Yeap, she’s a little beauty.

You truly know you are old when neither of you can sit in the car without letting out the old persons groan. As to getting out, well that caused a few issues for Di who is not as nimble as she once was. At times driving down the highway towards the Margaret River wineries we felt like Toque when she scoots her bum along the ground. For her it results in the rubber glove maneuver but thankfully not usπŸ€ͺ.

Darren and Gayle had given us a list of wineries for us to visit and our first port of call was Voyager. The gardens were just to die for.

We are not wine buffs at all but we appreciate a good garden. Snooped around for a while and then headed off to the next winery called Leeuwin. This particular winery holds great concerts and is all set up with an open air stage. They have performers such as Dame Kiri Tekanawa, KD Lange, Johnny Farnham, Shirley Bassey, James Morrison etc.

It was then put to the famous Margaret River beach where they hold big surfing competitions. The scene today was wild and woolly.

As you can see, sharks like to frequent this area also. In this case they are the great white pointers who are known not to take hostages!!!

Back to the gorgeous town of Margaret River for a quick bite to eat and then off to Cave’s House that we thought was lovely but had a split personality. At the entrance it was set up for High Tea with white wicker chairs and glass topped tables, starched napkins and elite clientele wile at the back it was set up for the surfing crowd with a live singer and her braided dreadlocks, rudimentary seating and not at all well heeled clientele!!

This excursion took six hours so we were pleased to head home for snaggers and salad and breathe a sigh of relief that Igor (the Datto) was delivered home in one piece and no bits missing or dented!

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