Australind – 5th November 2018

Not a lot to report today as a quiet day for the girls whilst the boy went coastal fishing.

The swells were over two metres with a really strong nasty wind coming in from the west. It still didn’t stop them having a go.
Alas, no fish caught but a corker of a time.

On the drive to the fishing spot they came across a number of these fellas.

The one on the right is a big red high you will notice is a lot larger from the ones we were seeing up around Kununurra. Also have a close look at the one in the left – there is a rather large joey with its legs sticking out the pouch – it does look terribly uncomfortable for the mum.

So this is Skippy – the brain surgeon. All Aussies will get that joke.

We managed to eat our way into oblivion this evening, so looking forward to going to Al and Jens at the end of the week as they are vegoes. We need a big cleanse and our mouths sewn shut!!!! Having said that, Darren and Gayle have fed us like kings and looked after their two wayward guests in style.

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