Halifax – 8th October 2018

Rest day today. After doing 4,000 kilometres in 16 days we are a little weary of driving. We anticipated that we would do about 2,000 kilometres in that period but we blew that out the water as well as the fuel budget. Oh well, can’t get it right every time.

After a leisurely morning we all headed out to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. The park is located very near the entrance to Halifax Harbour and has a few small covers tucked around it. We sighted some large seals sunning themselves on a few rocks just off the shore.

We had Emmett in the stroller and Coco got to be off lead, so we were hoping for one tired dog and a baby that would be lulled to sleep. We got a tired dog but the surface was a little like a four wheel drive circuit, so Emmett didn’t get any chance of nodding off.

In the park is located an old battery which was built in 1796 and in still perfect condition.

Allan drove us around to gorgeous Herring Cove which was not too far from the park where some perfectly suitable residences were located.

It was then back to the house to empty the fridge of all the left over turkey and veggies which we pretty much succeeded in. It was then a game of Blockus which is very simple but heaps of fun. None of us could really work out the strategy required but knew enough that we needed a lot more time at it. We spent the rest of the evening having a great old natter.

Allan and Paige have a wedding in Calgary between Christmas and New Year to attend so they will bunk up with Simon and Joannie at our place. Paige is over the moon as she gets her Toque fix. Thinking there just might be some serious competition going on for her affections between Paige and Joannie.

We need to convey a very special and huge thank you to the Marsh/MacPherson clan for being wonderful and generous hosts. Though there is a 25 year age gap between us and them (nearly 58 if you include Emmett) we gelled very well and when we come back to do Newfoundland in a few years we will most certainly be coming via Halifax.

It is now Tuesday morning and at 37,000 feet doing catch up with the blog and winging our way back to Calgary.

Bit of a shocker of a start as we dragged Al out of bed at 6.15am who had foolishly offered to take us to the airport. When we arrived we were just over an hour early but the queue to get through security was unreal. We thought we would be ringing up the guys to ask for an additional nights accommodation. What we didn’t factor in was that it was the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and every man and his dog were heading home. We just made our flight by the skin of our teeth and were the second to last to get on the plane. We are also right down the bum end next to the one and only long drop. Oh, this is going to be a fun 5 ½ hour flight!

So that is the end of the Maritimes blog and hope you enjoyed all our travels and observations and meeting the Marsh/MacPherson family. Our next week at home is going to be rather busy as we need to winterize the garden (not sure how that will go with all the snow Calgary has already), repack the bags, sort out some paperwork before jumping on another “roach coach” to Melbourne. Of course we will treasure this week spending time with Toque as we will not see her for seven months😪. She has already bonded with Joannie and Simon and they with her so hopefully our presence this week will not upset the apple cart too much.

Toque brought Simon and Joannie to meet us at the airport and it was impossible to get a photo of her as she was wriggling to get in the back seat with us. Oh dear, poor Joannie and Simon must feel neglected.

Our next blog will start up on the 18th October. For the non Ozzie’s there will be some very interesting locations that we will be going to that even Ozzie’s don’t get to see. You will be introduced to all our friends of whom some of them go back 45 years and still talk to us. We will be seeing some friends we haven’t seen for 20+ years – here is hoping we recognize them and they recognize us. Till then, thanks for following.

2 thoughts on “Halifax – 8th October 2018

  1. Thanks to you both for the most interesting of blogs you make it so interesting and informative a delight to read and great photos . Welcome home to Calgary see you soon in Melbourne .


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