Foodfest at the MacPherson/Marsh Household – 7th October 2018

Oh our goodness us!!! We are both as full as pussy’s bow. Today the Thanksgiving meal was celebrated with a 16lb turkey…..

…which Paige and Allan cooked perfectly with the most delicious cranberry sauce we have ever had. They made it from scratch and added in some sugar, lemon juice and orange zest – to absolutely die for.

Whilst the guys were getting the gourmet meal ready, we took Emmett and Coco for a walk for an hour to give them some time to prepare for their guests.

We gave ourselves the title of rental grandad and grandma. Emmett was brilliant and Coco thoroughly enjoyed herself and everyone came back tired including the two oldies.

Coco and Toque use to be the best of mates and it was unfortunate we couldn’t bring Toque over with us but it was a lot to ask of her and especially with just having her teeth done. We hear she is perfectly comfortable at home with Joannie and Simon and has moved in under the bed covers for her morning cuddle.

We had Allan’s sister Kathryn and her husband Mark along with their three children to join us. There were four children under the age of seven, plus four adults and a dog so it was pretty much bedlam getting the hot food on the table but orchestrated well by Paige and Allan.

It takes so long to make the full meal for Thanksgiving and then once it is on the table it gets gobbled up in minutes but there is always left overs for the next week and the week after that and so on.

Rental Grandpa Rowe was on full Emmett duty whilst the kitchen was in full swing.

Per usual, there was the turkey hangover with everyone finding floor space to collapse onto, and then emerge from their chrysalis in time to consume pavlova and pumpkin jelly roll and then crawl back into their cocoon. Clean up was a concerted effort with all hands on deck. Very memorable Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Foodfest at the MacPherson/Marsh Household – 7th October 2018

  1. Can’t see the pav anywhere bet that was a treat no wonder you were up to pussy’s bow .Love the pumpkin patterned table cloth . Fraser doing a good job as Rental Grandpa Rowe .


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