Cheticamp and back to Halifax – 6th October 2018

Not a great deal to report on today. It was mostly just driving along the west coast of Cape Breton and then at Antigonish we took a direct southerly route to the east coast of Nova Scotia and onto Halifax.

Once again then colours were out in full bloom and each day we are seeing more deeper reds from the Maple trees. This period only lasts about two weeks and depending on warmth, frosts, winds and rains will actually dictate as to how long they will last.

We travelled a good 400k today and we noticed that the closer to the coast we got the less vibrant the colours and then in certain pockets the colours were very intense.

Just out of Inverness on Cape Breton, we stopped at the Glenora Whisky distillery for a tour.

Besides Fras having a dram of whisky plus Di’s dram, we got to go down onto the shop floor as they say.

We really did learn some interesting facts. There are 84 single malt distilleries in the work of which 65 of them are in Scotland.

The most important ingredient in whisky is water and it’s purity. As you can imagine, it is pretty hard to find water today that does not have some contamination be it by farm spray that has come on the winds to animals polluting it. The best way to keep your water source pure is to buy all the land around its source as well as the stream to the distillery.

Here is another interesting bit of tidbit news – you can tell if a whisky is single malt by the way it is spelt. Single malt whisky is spelt with a “ky” whilst blended whiskey is spelt “key”. That should kill a conversation at a party.

It was a very long day of driving and we were pretty exhausted by the time we got into Halifax at 6.15pm. Allan and Paige had just returned after a busy afternoon of food shopping to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. For those not in the know, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving almost a month before the US as we a further north and hence our winter comes earlier and thus the crops must be harvested earlier. Maybe another party killer story.

There will possibly be nine people at the Thanksgiving meal Allan and Paige are putting on tomorrow so we are contributing by cooking a pavlova – keep your fingers crossed that it turns out. We are using the trusty New Zealand Edmonds Cook Book recipe as we know they made the first pavlova 👅 to all the Aussies.

2 thoughts on “Cheticamp and back to Halifax – 6th October 2018

  1. You make a pavalova flat. You then turn out onto a tea towel which already had sprinkled icing sugar and scorched almonds. ( pav should still be warm when putting on tea towel )
    When cold slice about 3 fingers in across but only half way thru pav. Previously mix some boysenberrys and cream.
    Then spread across pav just after the cut. Get the tea towel and roll the pav into a roll. Hey presto a rolled boysenberry pav. If your good Di, I’ll mske one for you when you come over. Fraser the competition will begin.

    Love ya both P & D


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