Thursday 24th August – Drive to Wolverhampton

Nothing of great consequence to report. The drive down the M6 was uneventful except for the amazing queues of traffic going north and south.

According to the news report today Englands population increased by 250,000 persons in the last 12 months which is 80,000 down from last year – how can such a small island cope with that kind of immigration. That number of course is the ones they know about!!!! They hope to get immigration down below 100,000 – Best of luck with that. Apparently the decrease is due to Brexit which makes sense.

The other bit of news is that the pound is now equal to the euro – not good for the pommes but excellent for the tourists.

We are now at Lynne and Johns place in Wolverhampton. Lynne is the sister of our friend Ian back in Calgary. We caught up with them last year on the boat when we had her mum Doreen on the boat for the day and took her into Birmingham. It was a great day.

Great afternoon having lovely high tea and catching up on all the goss.

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