Wednesday 23rd August – Lazy Day

It was probably our first day off in a while where we did the absolute minimum required of us.

A very slow start to the morning. Dragged ourselves upstairs at 10.00am followed by a two hour breakfast and a load of washing. That has been really good here in that we have been able to do washing. Travellers dream come true. We also risked hanging the stuff on the clothes line as no rain was predicted for today.

Where we have been staying, they have two elderly Yorkies and a rabbit. We got to have a cuddle of the rabbit today and he was so soft.

We decided to drive west to a little village called Coniston which is on a lake we haven’t been to before. It required us taking a car ferry which cut out a huge drive around Lake Windermere.

Along narrow little lane ways again and then we wandered around Coniston. Wasn’t one of the more memorable of the villages though we thought the parking receipts were very novel. Hand written!!!

It was back to Bowness via Ambleside as we are looking for a new eye glass case to replace Di’s very sad one. Of course when you start looking for something you cannot find it!!

Off to a pub for dinner tonight.

There will be no blog tomorrow as we have a 250 km drive down to Wolverhampton tomorrow so that should be truly dull to comment on.



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