Friday 25th August – Doreen, John and Lynn

Friday 25th August
Great day spending it with friends Doreen, John and Lynne. For a bit of a recall for all, Doreen is the mum of Fraser’s great skiing buddy, Ian back in Calgary. These are two old codgers in their 50’s who continue thinking that they are young bucks burning up the Lake Louise ski hills when we all know they are really a couple of grey haired old farts with bad knees and creaky hips.

John and Lynne are Ian’s sister and brother in law. John is also Ian’s nemesis when it comes to anything soccer in the Wolverhampton area between the Wolves and Albion – bet I got that wrong!!! I know that there is also a place called the custard bowl and if you mention that to Ian he starts to look like a kettle letting off steam. Best not say any more on that topic or will Ian might start divorce proceedings from his brother in law!

We headed out to a place called Stokesay Castle that was right on the Welsh/English border. They were having a flower festival and using the church as their exhibition area and the displays were absolutely gorgeous. The church goes way back to the 1200’s and even today they still have bell ringers.

It’s great to find plagues that pique your intrigue as we spent a bit of time trying to decipher this plaque.

It’s amazing what you can find on google – we found bell translation. Grandsire and Plain Bob are different orders of ringing the bells and if you are so interested there is a diagram on google of the order in which to follow when using these methods. There you go, so when the bells are pealing next time you will be able to tell if it is a Plain Bob or a Grandsire!!!! Now who said our blog was not educational.

We then came upon a squadie of brave knights and knightesses at the castle who were waging a battle as to where we were going to go for our cuppa tea.

Hmm, we really are starting to lose it!!!

Lynne is a bit of a history buff so she was able to fill us in on the castle and surrounds when we weren’t mucking around being dickheads.


It took us all day to do this one touristy adventure. The rest of the day we spent at a café having tea and cake and then made our way to a pub for even more food.

Doreen was still going strong at 11.00pm but the younger ones collapsed into a heap.



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