Sunday 20th August – Drive to Pooley Bridge

We had a very late start today after our late night yesterday. We didn’t get away until midday but as we did not have a great deal planned for the day it did not matter.

Our route took us north east of Lake Windermere up into rugged countryside.

On our way we found the opportunity to go for a short walk into a dark forest with a waterfall. The place was crowded with weekend visitors. Even though we were in a remote area of the Lakes District, it was amazing how busy with was with tourists.

In December 2015 the Yorkshire and Cumbria regions were hit by Cyclone Desmond which caused devastating floods. In fact, part of this devastation affected our narrowboat journey last year. We had planned to do the Rochdale canal in Yorkshire but the previous flooding had washed away old stone bridges and severely damaged canal banks and locks. Hence we had to abandon our plans.

There is still significant evidence around the Pooley Bridge area of the damage caused. There was a 250 year old stone bridge which was sadly washed away. There is still a bailey bridge in use and not sure if it will be replaced any time soon.

We had a wander around Pooley Bridge and then headed back to Bowness but not before we did a diversion via The Struggle road which was a very windy narrow lane which gave us excellent views.



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