Monday 21st August – Day trip to Feizor

For some of you who followed the blog last year the word Feizor may ring a bell. This is where we stayed for three nights with our good friend Nick who had joined us at Liverpool to spend some time on nb Lucy with us. Nick had some family relatives who lived in this little village called Feizor which was in the Yorkshire Dales.

Chris and Cath welcomed us all plus Mapes and Toque to their beautifully restored listed property. We had never met them before but they were so welcoming and to take on two pooches who they knew nothing about was a brave thing to do. Of course the girls won them over – well, we like to think so.

We had the opportunity again this year to catch up with them minus the girls. We were only an hour and a quarter away from Feizor so took a nice drive across the dales to catch up.

We spent a great afternoon having a great old chinwag and saving the world from Brexit, Trump etc etc. Always great to catch up with lovely people. We are very hopeful that Chris and Cath will have the chance to come and visit us in Canada where we can repay their kind hospitality.

It is now one month until the end of our European Odyssey. We are starting to feel a little homesick and it doesn’t help when Simon sends us such a beautiful photo of Mapes.

We still have a little more to do in the next 30 days. After the Lakes District we will drive down to Wolverhampton to catch up with Doreen, John and Lynne for the long weekend and then to Northampton to join Wolfgang and Marlene on Ange de L’Eau for the final three weeks.

Here is a bit of trivia. They are doing extensive work on the Elisabeth Tower which houses Big Ben. At 12 midday today the bongs sounded for the last time for four years. The BBC actually sounds the bongs live on their hourly news so it will now be heard via a recording. There is nothing wrong with Big Ben but they need to silence it to protect the hearing of the workers. There is a lot of controversy over this as you can imagine. Pity there was not an alternative solution. Once again, we are lucky enough to be living history in the making.


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