Saturday 19th August – Walk in the Lakes District and Theatre

As predicted, the wet weather arrived and has stayed with us all day apart from the very occasional glimpse of blue sky but nothing to get excited about. We drove back to Ambleside and by 11.30 am we were out in the woods having a walk in the wet!!!!

As you can see, just the slightest of precipitation. We walked about three miles to a small village called Grasmere which is famous for being the home of William Wordsworth – very famous English poet and writer.

We didn’t specifically go looking for his grave but stumbled upon it whilst trying to take a short cut through the graveyard. Neither of us are poet buffs so the significance of where we were was lost on us.
Very picturesque village but teeming at the seams with tourists just like us. Even the rain did not deter them – just like us.

We were advised by our host Jane to visit the Grasmere gingerbread shop as it is reputed to sell the best stuff around, so we obliged though had to queue like all the other tourists – just like us.

It was then back to the car and back to have a short kip and get ready to head out again for the theatre which was in Keswick about an hours drive away.

The play was fantastic. It comprised six actors altogether of which two were guys who played anything from Kinnock to ashes the Palace media officer. There was a young Queen and an old Queen as well as a young Magic Thatcher and an old Maggie Thatcher. It was set over the eleven year period when Thatcher was Prime Minister. The scary thing was that we knew nearly all the history and the events that took place during this time!!!

The drive back was a little disconcerting as it was over narrow lane ways with minimal lighting and we had not driven at night for a very long time but we arrived safely.


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