Fri 21 July – Day trip to Grossglockner

Friday 21st July – Zell am See to Grossglockner and Return

Different kinds of day for us. We have left the bikes on their own stored down in the bar of the hotel – hey should be more than happy there?!

So our plan is to catch a bus up to the highest mountain in Austria at 3,798m and we will be going up to Kaiser Frank Josef Hohe at 2,369m to view the glacier and the mountain.

Woke in the morning to a pretty gloomy day but headed out at 9.00 anyhow. After a short while and as we started climbing on the bus we broke through the valley clouds to glorious sunshine. The road up is known as one of the most scenic roads in Austria. It is only about 50km long but winds through about 30 hairpin bends.

The road was built in the 1930s as a depression era work program. The road and the scenery are simply stunning.

Fraser got up close and personal with a few flowers in order to get some more interesting shots of the mountain scenery.

On our bus trip we were provided with a guide from the Tauren National Parks people. She was excellent and gave us a lot of information particularly about the numerous marmots that we saw and got close to.

Once at the top we got a great look at the glacier but the peak of the Grossglockner was covered in cloud. Then the clouds opened up and it poured for about half an hour. We thought our viewing was over put as quick as the rain had come, it stopped again and the clouds blew away to reveal the peak in glorious sunshine. Quite spectacular




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